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I do believe that rum was created just so that the empty barrels could be reused for brewing stouts. Our rum barrel stouts are legendary. Check out our Tart Cherry Stout that we age in rum barrels and also brew a version in bourbon barrels. If you haven't sampled a barrel brewed stout, you really haven't tasted a true stout.

In London, stouts and brown ales were brewed in the largest barrels you could imagine. The London Beer Flood of 1814 was when one of those big barrels broke. It held over 100,000 gallons of beer. It caused a fifteen foot tall tidal wave of beer that killed eight people.

Most people associate wine with barrels. It's funny that barrels were not used for wine until Caesar saw people moving beer in barrels. Caesar had tried previously using barrels for wine, but he hadn't used oak. The barrels leaked. So heavy and fragile clay pots were used to transport wine. Once Caesar saw oak beer barrels, the wine barrel was born.

Taste a bit of history.




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