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Since 2005, we have always delivered our beers to the pubs, bars & restaurants ourselves, with our brewmaster making all the deliveries. We have been almost always draght beer since the begining.

We started making the switch from draught to bottles in July. We sold so much Real Ginger Beer in bottles that we needed a distributor help deliver all the beer.

We have been approached many times by many big famous companies about distribution, but we favored the direct interaction with the pubs, bars & restaurants. Now with so many customers, we can't do it ourselves.

We found a small distributor that puts customer service first, Bar Beverages. They are a perfect partner for Deans Brothers. They are the first distributor that we've even considered to partner with and we feel very lucky to be working with them.

To order wholesale call:

Bar Beverages at 818-243-8200.


Tart Cherry Update

I know that everyone is wondering about this year's Michigan tart cherry crop. Well maybe just we are the only ones wondering about the 2019 Michigan tart cherry crop.

The temperatures have been low this season. The tart cherry bloom has come and gone. The low temperatures affect the bees. Too cold and not enough blooms are pollinated. It looks like the last few days of the bloom were warm enough.

Hopefully a good crop this year. Also it looks like fewer tart cherries will be sent over to China this year, leaving more for us.

So looks like there will be no interruptions in our Tart Cherry Stouts.


Ginger Beer Update

We started almost 5 years ago trying bringing the Ginger Beer Plant that Bill Deans has had since 1980, from a quart jar to full production. Took a lot longer than anticipated. Since its native habitat is a quart jar, getting the Ginger Beer Plant to brew in wooden barrels & casks took quite an effort.

All the work & time has paid off. We are now the only commercial brewery in the World brewing Real Ginger Beer since 1939. And we’re brewing it at 6% not 2%! It was hard to teach an old Ginger Beer Plant new tricks, but we did!


Ginger Ale Update

Things haven’t looked too good for the Hawaiian ginger harvests over the last few years. This year looks like it will not be a great year either.

A devastating soil-borne plant disease known as bacterial wilt, caused by the plant-pathogenic bacterium Ralstonia solanacearum Race 4, is causing major crop losses. Infested farms cannot be re-panted successfully. So each year less and less edible ginger is planted in Hawaii.

We have no idea how much of the mature organic Hawaiian ginger root we will be able to buy in November. So we have no idea how much of our Ginger Ale will be available for our February 2020 release.



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