Deans Brothers Brewing Co.

Deans Brothers Brewing Co. was founded in 2005 by Bill Deans and Rick Deans.

Bill Deans had lived in a small English village when he was 18. The village had one butcher, one baker, one small shop that also doubled as the post office and two pubs.

Bill discovered that Michelob, Mickey's Big Mouths and Coors weren't the best beers in the world. He fell in love with the English Pale Ales & the English Pubs. He was taught how to brew and acquired two cultures that would change his life.

While enjoying pints pulled from a cask in one of the two local pubs, Bill told the story about how he got and the history of his sourdough starter. He told how a family had moved from France to California in 1850s during the gold rush. In the family's photo album, the sour dough crock was in every single family photo.

Two others in the small village pub talked about (and shared) special cultures they had.

Of the two cultures Bill acquired, one was supposed to be the yeast that Worthington used to ferment their famous White Shield.

The other culture was a Ginger Beer Plant. Since 1980, Bill has kept both cultures going strong while adding additional cultures.

When Bill got back to California, he began brewing Burton Ales and Ginger Beer. Most of his friends perferred pale yellow lagers. So Bill just brewed for himself.

When Bill went to his first Great American Beer Festival in Denver, he found that other people liked English Ales too. He began a long quest to open a small brewery. At the time most cities did not want a brewery in their city.

Bill contacted other breweries in the area. He brewed his ESB6 and IPA7 at nights when the breweries were closed. He got a distribution license and sold the beers to the pubs and restaurants in the Santa Monica and West L.A. area.

Bill finally found a city that would allow a new small brewery. Deans Brothers Brewing Co. became the very first brewery in Santa Ana since 1882, when Santa Ana was just a village.




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