Deans Brothers Brewing Co.

Our brewery is located in Santa Ana, California. We are the second brewery ever in Santa Ana.

The first brewery, back when Santa Ana was a village, was opened in 1882. The owner, Fritz Reuter, was shot dead the week it opened.

We have been more fortunate.

Our cask conditioned & bottle conditioned ales take from 3 months to 3 years to mature and are only available in limited supply.

We do not filter, pasteurized or centrifuge our ales. We brew our ales, as it was done 200+ years ago, using only casks and wooden barrels to both ferment and mature our ales.

One pint and you'll know why.






Burton Ale

Foreign Extra Double Stout

Red Irish Ale

Black Irish Stout

Ginger Ale

Sour Pale Ale

Sour Stout


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